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The Trustees confirm that Friends have charitable purposes for the public benefit because:

  1. they support the advancement of education in general and the activities of The University of Auckland, a tertiary educational institution, in particular;

  2. the benefits to the public are clear and include the education of students and the free dissemination of research results;

  3. these benefits are related to the aims of the Friends (which include the “advancement and promotion of education”);

  4. there are no obvious detriments or harms resulting from the activities of the educational institutions that Friends support which activities include educating students, conducting research under rigorous and commonly accepted research protocols and constructing facilities under the relevant local or national building and environmental codes;

  5. the ultimate beneficiaries (students who attend the educational institutions, staff who carry out academic research there) are appropriate to the aims of the Friends;

  6. the educational institutions that Friends support are open to all who meet their academic standards, regardless of the student’s country of origin, religion, ethnicity or gender;

  7. the educational institutions that Friends support offer significant support to people in poverty who meet their academic standards, including scholarships based on need which in addition to loans and direct governmental grants give people in poverty the opportunity to attend as students, furthermore their research results are normally available to be perused by, or applied for the benefit of, members of the public regardless of their socioeconomic status, and they offer public lectures on a regular basis at no charge;

  8. any private benefits that might accrue are incidental.

Statement of Charitable Purposes and Public Benefit: Text
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